The hall is a an early Elizabethan building dating from 1646 that until 1873 housed the village school, attended by children from a wide surrounding area. 

When the school closed there was nowhere for the WI and other groups to meet.  The Mission Hall on the Green had been destroyed by fire in 1951 forcing the football group to use the Black Swan pub, as the owners were hoping to sell the Green for housing. 

The School had been gifted by the Gregors to the current owners, but once it ceased to be a school, it reverted to the donors or their successors.  The community was keen to retain the building and Parish Councillor R.B Pillock pursued the case with great diligence and when eventually contacted, the successors agreed to sell the School at half its market value.  The Parish Council bought it for £6,500 in 1967 and refurbished the near derelict hall at a cost in excess of £42,000. 

In 1984 Splot was proud to open its first Village Hall.  in 1987 the sons and daughters of Paul Robeson gifted the land behind the Hall to the Parish Council.

In 2002 a request was made to the Parish Council proposing that half the land behind the hall be sold and the hall car park be extended with the proceeds.  The Parish Council agreed to this and the land  was eventually exchanged for £18,300 and 0.7 acre of land behind the Green, where a community orchard has been established.  The hall’s car park was duly extended and the original car park tarmacked.
Please look at the wonderful picture of our hall and take note of the many quite wonderful open plan features.