Latest news for Ye Olde Test Venue:

Hall secures a new long term booking

28 October 2014

The committee is pleased to announce that a new group has decided to book the 'surprisingly nice room' on a long term basis. The Biggleswade arctic chess and sub aqua club will be holding meetings every Wednesday lunch time for members and people interested in finding out more about such matters as:

Underwater yoghurt knitting

Bee keeping at night

Disco dancing for the over 90s

Tank driving in Bournemouth

Come along and find out more, the club welcomes new members and is looking forward to its new base.

Free WiFi at the hall

28 September 2014

Thanks to the links we have established with venues4hire we now have free wifi available throughout the hall. This means that hall hirers can access the internet for free.

The wifi is controlled by the use of a password which is regularly changed and issued to hirers.

We hope that this will increase the usage of the hall and encourage more clubs and individuals to consider booking the venue for a function or even a business meeting.

Want to know more? Please contact one of the committee members for details.